Envoy Agents Make Their Voices Heard

Last Wednesday, Envoy Airline agents across the United States marched and spoke out in support of a living wage at Chicago O’Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth and Miami International airports. The agents are currently negotiating their first contract with Envoy, which is owned by American Airlines and employs 3,800 agents in 96 airports across the country.

MIA Envoy

Most of our brothers and sisters at Envoy make less than $11 per hour. They often work overtime and rely on food stamps and other public assistance, just to make ends meet for their families. This is at a time when airlines are seeing record profits.

Envoy ORD Dec 13

At O’Hare, members of NABET CWA Local 41 joined 300 Envoy agents to demand fairness. And agents in Miami had a visit from Florida State Senators and Representatives. 

Agents at MIA thanked Florida Senators Jose Javier Rodriguez and Annette Taddeo, and Florida Representative Robert Asencio for standing with them in their actions on Wednesday.

Progressive activist Tim Canova joined the picket as well. Canova has long supported the workers’ cause, saying, “CEOs of corporations like American Airlines are making record high incomes” while exploited workers “have to work over 60 hours a week because they’re paid such low wages.”

Envoy MIA Dec 13