Envoy Bargaining Update for July 2017

Your CWA bargaining committee met with the Envoy Bargaining Committee from July 25-27.

To begin, Envoy presented counter proposals on Schedule Bidding. The Union gave counter proposals on Filling of Vacancies and Schedule Bidding. There were several passes made on these proposals until we reached agreement on both. 

Filling of Vacancies provides the ability to have a standing bid on file and to bid and be awarded job openings by seniority. Schedule Bidding describes the bidding process and creates Occupational Seniority. Occupational Seniority will apply to everyone in the bargaining unit. Anyone who transfers in will start their seniority on the day they entered the bargaining unit for work schedule bids.

We met with Brian Minick, Director of Safety Policies and Procedures, to discuss some of the safety issues that are affecting the bargaining unit. We discussed the lack of water in the San Diego location, broken and unsafe equipment, and the proper equipment for use on charter flights. He thanked us for bringing the issues to his attention and said he would look into them. He told us the fast way to get results is to call the safety hot line. You do not need to give your name and there is no attempt to find out who called. If you leave your name it will not be passed on to management. All problems are documented and there is follow up on all issues. The number is 1-800-477-3002 or [email protected].

In addition, CWA brought to the company’s attention examples of pay discrepancies occurring in stations that converted to the new program. If anyone works overtime you must fill out an exception form. Give the form to your General Manager, who approves overtime. You should put enough detail in the form to justify the overtime. Centralized payroll is in place in hubs and several stations. As a result of the discussion the company met with the Payroll Department to begin addressing complaints.

Customer Service intends to host a meeting with the Payroll Department and one of the outstations and will include a CWA representative, who has collected examples of problems, and will review the process and provide recommended improvements as necessary. Payroll will look at the exception forms that have been filed and try to process them. We will keep you informed on our progress on this issue. 

The next bargaining dates are August 29-31 in Washington, DC.