Piedmont Bargaining Update, February 2017

Bargaining committees representing the Union and the Company met on February 14, 15, and 16, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The meeting began with the Company's presentation of a counter proposal to the Union's November 10th proposal on Article 6, Hours of Service. The Company’s proposal incorporated some of the changes that the Union had proposed. After a lengthy discussion around the issue, the Union presented a counter proposal that we anticipate the Company will respond to during our next scheduled meeting.

Over the course of the three days of bargaining the Union presented proposals on the following articles: 

Article 3, Seniority
Article 8, Overtime
Article 12, Vacation
Article 14, Leaves of Absence
Article 15, Sick Leave
Article 22, Union Representation

A New Article on Attendance at Hearings
A New Article on Medical Examinations
A New Article on the AA Flowthrough Agreement 

There were several counter proposals passed back and forth on Article 8, Overtime, with a lot of time spent discussing various problems and possible solutions. We were able to agree to many of the items in the proposal, but some issues remain unresolved. 

The Company passed proposals on Article 19, Grievance Procedure, and Article 20, System Board of Adjustment. We will be reviewing the Company’s proposals before returning to the table in March, and we anticipate several questions about them.

Before finishing the three days of bargaining, after lengthy discussion and several passes, we were able to reach a Tentative Agreement on Article 3, Seniority. The agreement would increase the role your seniority will play in job reassignment (including location movement) and early release. 

On Valentine’s Day Local 3645 presented the Company’s bargaining team with a few hundred Valentine’s Day cards from members, expressing their desire to gain a fair contract with improved language, better pay, and improvements to employee benefits. While at the bargaining table we were informed that the members of Local 7040 presented their Station Manager in Phoenix with a few hundred Valentine’s Day cards as well. 

Our next round of bargaining is scheduled for March 7, 8, and 9. 

In Unity,

Marge Krueger, Chair
Paul C. Castaneda, Co-Chair
Keith Richardson, President 13345
Donielle Prophete, Vice President 3645
Rick Brower, President 7040