Update: New Uniforms Selection Process for American Airlines

After the introduction of new uniforms last September, hundreds of American Airlines agents reported negative physical reactions ranging from rashes and swollen eyes to nausea. Our CWA-IBT Passenger Service Employee Association has documented these negative impacts, and management is taking the issue seriously. Our union is now working with American Airlines management to ensure that future uniforms address agents' concerns about negative physical reactions and other health issues. 

While the process of selecting a new uniform design and supplier goes forward, we will continue to have several uniform options, including wool, polyester, 100 percent cotton, and off-the-shelf clothing.

"The union's primary goal is to ensure that no agent's health is put at risk on the job," said CWA District 3 Vice President Richard Honeycutt, head of CWA's airline bargaining council. "We demanded that management investigate the problem and ensure proper testing while continuing to work on a long-term solution."

Kimberly Barboro, IBT National Coordinator for Passenger Service, said, "We have been working with the company on several uniform options, including an off-the-shelf uniform. We look forward to a long-term solution to our members' uniform concerns."

We will provide updates to members as the situation develops. If you have questions, contact your local union representative. For more information, visit us online at CWAAgents.org or TeamsterAir.org.