Bargaining Updates

Mediation opened in Dallas today, with Toby Lane (SGF) and Susanne Skowronski (ORD) joining our first meeting with the federal mediator and company representatives.

Our bargaining team will meet with Envoy negotiators and a mediator from the National Mediation Board (NMB) next week from May 20-22.

We continued to bargain with the company on Friday. However, since Envoy is refusing to respond to our comprehensive proposal until mediation begins in May, we did not accomplish as much as we had hoped. We have agreed to meet with the company and the mediator in Dallas on May 20-22 and in Pittsburgh on June 18-20.
We continued to bargain with the company on Thursday in Dallas. Envoy agents Martha Chentis (ORD), Shannon Kitchen (LCH), and Takisha Gower (DFW) joined us again to observe bargaining. While there were some positive results from the meeting, the company's position is unacceptable.
Rally For Fair Wages on Wednesday April 17, 2019 at DFW Airport.

CWA has received the results of the Envoy Passenger Service Agents' January 2019 Tentative Agreement vote from BallotPoint, the independent company conducting the ratification election. Passenger service agents have voted against ratification of the tentative contract agreement between the Communications Workers of America and Envoy Airlines. CWA has notified the company of the results. We will be distributing a survey to members soon to help guide our next steps toward bargaining a new agreement.

Our CWA bargaining committee met with the Envoy bargaining committee on November 5-6. We received a counter offer on Compensation, which we discussed at length. Envoy did increase the wage proposal for DFW slightly.

Envoy responded to our proposals on Vacation and Overtime. We made counter proposals on Vacation, Overtime, and Customer Assistance Representatives in Miami. Although we made progress in each proposal, we could not agree on some of the items in the articles.

CWA passed proposals on Scope and Classifications, which contained protections for our members. We also passed a proposal regarding the drug policy. We had intensive discussions on the drug policy, including how testing is determined and the testing procedure. On September 6, we presented a Compensation and Vacation proposal, which we tied together. Envoy provided CWA with a proposal for Wheelchair and Associated Work and discussions followed. Our fight is still about livable wages. Our bargaining committee is committed to fight one day longer to bring back a contract that meets our needs.

Our CWA bargaining committee met with the Envoy bargaining committee on August 21-22. Our team passed a compensation proposal on the 21st, which we felt was a very reasonable proposal that companies as profitable as Envoy and American Airlines can certainly afford. We also discussed outstanding items including scope and the new work at MIA for wheelchair attendants. On the 22nd, the company gave us a compensation proposal, which was not much different from their previous proposal. They showed us a graph, which they argue shows their proposal is an industry leading proposal.

This week, our CWA-Envoy bargaining team were back at the bargaining table with the company fighting for the fair contract we all deserve.

Our CWA-Envoy bargaining committee met with the Envoy committee May 30-31. The company made a counter proposal on Wages, which contained a modest increase. We offered counter proposals on Benefits; General; and Training, Travel Pay, and Expenses. We had intense discussions on all these issues as well as Vacations and Overtime. We are now working on a counter proposal on Wages because the company’s latest proposal is not good enough. We reached agreement on General, which includes language on parking, costs associated with badges, and viewing your personal records.