Envoy Bargaining Update for June 2017

Your bargaining committee met with the Envoy Bargaining Committee June 6-9, 2017.

The meeting started with Envoy presenting counter proposals on Classifications and Hours of Service articles. The Union gave counter proposals on Hours of Service and Classification. Envoy presented counters on Work Schedule Bidding, Filling of Vacancies, and Preamble. Both parties made several passes on these articles.

CWA and Envoy reached agreement on Hours of Service and Preamble.

The Hours of Service article defines the payroll period, the number of hours for full-time employment, as well as defining a workday and hours scheduled. The agreement provides that any part-time employee who is consistently scheduled over 32 hours a week for a period of 90 days will be reclassified as full-time. The article also spells out rest breaks and meal periods.

The Preamble establishes a mutual interest in working together to achieve efficiency of operation while working safe, with reasonable hours and proper compensation and working conditions.

The contract language being discussed is the more important language and not easy to reach agreement on, so it is necessary to make numerous passes to get what we need.

Our next bargaining meeting will be held July 25, 26, and 27 in Dallas.

Envoy Bargaining Team-June 2017

Your Bargaining Team (Left to Right):
James McKnight (MIA), De Anna Davis (BPT), Janet Padgett (LAX), and Chris Haight (TVC)